Monday, September 7, 2015

Let's Colour the Afternoon Away

We have a mommy meet up on Saturday Sept 12, 2015. I am happy to share with you The POD’s very own adult colouring pages. A pack contains 15 original drawings by Amber Hao. You can check more of her work here. I have been trying them out last week and they are now available at The POD for P200.00 only. 

Lets get together on Saturday. The colouring pages are available for you to try.  Come over and meet other moms who are ready to color the afternoon away. Your choice if you want coloured pens, pencils or watercolor pencils.

Also, I am having so much fun with this blender pencil I got from Morning Light. I'll bring it with me on Saturday.
Let us know you are coming. Our space can only accommodate a total of 15 people for this activity. Call or text 09189382591 or 09981590197.

This is a FREE activity for like minded people to come together and enjoy.

See you on Saturday

Friday, August 28, 2015

On Rooming In

The news about the mom slapping her newborn baby made the rounds in social media. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it here Thats the link my friend sent me along with the question,  “Could this be a valid reason against rooming in?” 

Here is my answer:

First, how often does something like this happen? 

Second, who will benefit from separating mothers and babies after birth?  Please look for the study of Dr. Clavano, you can start here.

"Clavano also began a study to compare mortality in infants born at Baguio General Hospital between 1973 and 1975, when formula feeding was the norm, with those born between 1975 and 1977, under a new regimen that allowed mothers and babies to room together, and encouraged women to breastfeed on demand. The results were dramatic: the incidence of oral thrush, diarrhoea, clinical sepsis, and death were “drastically reduced during the intensification of the breastfeeding programme” Vol370 November24,2007 1753

Third, had this baby been separated from mother at the time of birth then, no one would have seen this. We would all be spared the sadness and/or uncomfortable annoyance of witnessing this. From what I have seen  and I am not talking about the whole Philippines but only a limited number of mothers I have worked with in Davao City, routine separation of mothers and babies results in the following:
1. Mom who says baby cries a lot once they get home or are reunited. 
2. A mom who is filled with doubts about her:
        milk supply
        quality of her milk
        baby’s latch, etc.
3. Separating moms and babies after birth result in breastfeeding issues. As I said, moms report that baby cries a lot and would not latch when the breast is offered. I have also seen (I was in the hospital room with the mom while visiting), heard (mom or dad called me) and read (mom or dad sent me an email, FB message or text) of mothers who are instructed to express their milk and are asked to provide at least 20cc of breast milk every 2 hours less than 24 hours after the birth. 
4. Routine separation of moms and babies create the desperate need for donor breast milk and in the absence of such, in comes formula.
5. Routine separation of mom and baby almost always means added cost to the new family and unnecessary stress. Such as: looking for donor milk, buying formula, buying a breast pump (when the mom is not even a working mother nor had plans of expressing milk until instructed to do so), nipple shield, nipple extractor,  and even a re-lactation kit.

Photo of a baby doll and my students' fingers taken during childbirth class.
We were talking about delayed cord clamping and Unang Yakap.
Can you tell which ones are moms and dads fingers?

A mother hitting her newborn baby is a big deal. Something must be done. There's violence and it can escalate. The situation should be diffused. Something is wrong. Why is the mother behaving in such a way? Where are her support people? Look into her prenatal records! A mother hitting her newborn justly made the bells toll and it is an example against continuing with old outdated nursery practices. Shouldn't it be part of the care givers assessment to ask, how is mom with baby? Again, this would not have surfaced and would not have been addressed so soon, if this mother and baby were kept apart.

Mothers and babies should not be separated at birth because a mother who sobs, calls at dawn in search of donor breast milk because her baby is still in the NICU/nursery being observed is a big deal. A mother who calls for a wheel chair and stands up a few hours after major abdominal surgery to see, hold and breastfeed her well baby who is in the NICU/ nursery is a big deal. It does not make it to the evening news, nor does it become viral in social media, it may not make the bells toll for sobs are meant to be concealed and a baby after all, can only cry so much. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

LATCH Davao's "Family Food Fun"

Registration is now ongoing for LATCH Davao's "Family Food Fun." We can not make reservations so please register before we run out of registration forms. Get ready for some taste testing along with, as Nanay Ines said, "food for thought and food for Tots"

Disclaimer: The POD is not the official residence of LATCH Davao. LATCH Davao have activities at THE POD and conducts that breastfeeding class or the 4th session of Childbirth Class. For questions and concerns for/about LATCH Davao kindly email or visit LATCH DAVAO Facebok Page.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sip, Snack, and Stories with LATCH Davao

Are you a 1st time mom? 
Or a new mom again? 
Are you up for some time out with fellow moms? 

Then, come along and join LATCH Davao's Sip, Snacks and Stories. To register, drop by The POD  or The Oak and Acorn in Abreeza Mall starting today.

The meet up is open to 20 moms only and registration is a must. Your fee of P250.00 will cover for the snacks prepared by Bingoy's Gourmet Restaurant.

LATCH Davao ladies will be sharing how it was like when they started breastfeeding their little ones; What worked for them? If they can do it again, what would they change or repeat? They sure would like to hear from you too! Bring a friend and register and spend the afternoon learning and recharging with like minded moms.

Also save the date for "Family Food Fun" on August 29... Details will be out soon...

Disclaimer: The POD is not the official residence of LATCH Davao. LATCH Davao have activities at THE POD and conducts that breastfeeding class or the 4th session of Childbirth Class. For questions and concerns for/about LATCH Davao kindly email or visit LATCH DAVAO Facebok Page.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kind Words Go A Long Way...

We spent Mother's Day at the Momprenuer Bazaar in Abreeza. What a joy it was to catch up with new moms and meet moms and dads to be. We also had fun with our "Flash SALE" announcements that I posted on our Facebook page, here and here

To keep the positive energy up, The POD now has "Kind Words go a long way..."

We will give a 5% discount on your purchase when you write down your words of wisdom for others to learn from. Majority of our buyers in our little store are mothers. All you have to do is write down your kind words, practical advises or words of wisdom for your fellow moms to read and learn from. 

Can dads write too and get 5% off? Absolutely! 
Can grandmothers and aunties write and get 5% off their purchase? Of course! 

I am looking forward to reading and learning from what my fellow moms, maybe dads and aunties have to say.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mommy Meet Up for May

I am most delighted by yesterday's Meet Up. We watched the movie Microbirth 
As I said in the previous post, here, I think everybody in the world should watch this movie.

Thank you for everyone who came. We were a diverse group, it's not every meet up that we have young single people in our group.

We watched ‪#‎Microbirth‬🏼🏼🏼
Chatting with moms are truly the most insightful conversations I have  and to the young people who came to watch, you are not limited by our generation's short comings 🏽 ‪#‎hope‬

I am looking forward to the next Mommy Meet Up in June. Mommy Meet Up is a FREE get together organized for moms to catch up with other moms and dad are welcome too. We can have a theme, watch a movie or just get together and chat away. You are welcome to join the next meet up. You can also check out our Facebook Page for updates.

Monday, April 27, 2015

April is Cesarean Awareness Month

Cesarean Awareness Month is a call for all of us to take a look at this necessary and life saving procedure. It is not an anti-cesarean campaign.

How we give birth matters, on a very personal level. It is a public health issue for our country and the world and relevant to us, as a species.

Here are the articles I shared in The POD's Facebook Page with the caption, "April is Cesarean Awareness Month <3."

Too Bad We Can’t Just “Ban” Accreta – The Downstream Consequences of VBAC Bans
This article talks about the risk of a repeat cesarean due to VBAC bans that some hospitals in the US impose on women.

Lamaze International for Parents: Cesarean Infographic

Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery: ACOG and SMFM Change the Game
ACOG stands for: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
SMFM Stands for: Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine
They issues a joint statement called: "Obstetric Care Consensus statement: Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery" to address the need to prevent overuse of cesarean, particularly the primary cesarean, they came up with guidelines that have the potential to substantially decrease the cesarean rate.

Cesarean sections should only be performed when medically necessary
News release from WHO, " Cesarean section is one of the most common surgeries in the world, with rates continuing to rise, particularly in high- and middle-income countries. Although it can save lives, Cesarean section is often performed without medical need, putting women and their babies at-risk of short- and long-term health problems." You can also read the WHO Statement on Cesarean Rates.

In Honor of Cesarean Awareness Month: Introducing The VBAC Education Project

Three Truths About C-Section Mamas
Here is a blog post from a a birth photographer. It is a good read.

You can check out the ICAN [International Cesarean Awareness Network] site here and their Facebook page here.